Monstroid2 Reborn. A huge update

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I hope you got it from the headline that we’re going to talk about the Monstroid2 update. Yeah, we mean it, the Monstroid2 WordPress theme released at the beginning of 2017.

Why is the New Monstroid2 Better?

  • It goes without saying that the new Monstroid2 theme is powered by Elementor builder.
  • The new Monstroid2 theme comes packed with 500+ predesigned sections.
  • Inside the Elementor interface, you will find the Magic button (it’s the real name of this button) it gives you an access to 500+ custom sections that you can use on any page, new or already created.
  • Comparing to the Monstroid2 from 2017 latest version became a few times lighter, only 250kb. Previously Monstroid2 theme required some medium (and higher) class hosting provider, but now you can install it on the cheapest hosting you can find, and it will work perfectly fine!

Since the Monstroid2 theme is available for presale right now you can get it with 30% discount ($53), regular price will be $75.But that's not all if you preorder Monstroid2 theme today you can get two offers: Fast&Reliable Hosting* and Extended Support** spending only $2 on this couple.

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