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NT Watches Version: 1.0

Author: Navythemes | http://navythemes.com

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NT Watches is Responsive Joomla template that targets for Watches Online Store websites. This modern theme is exactly perfect to display the most luxurious watches as well as establish a brand for your website. Use it to update new trends of products and provide detailed information about their styles, prices… NT Watches is 100% responsive that automatically adapts to any possible screen resolution of all mobile devices, displaying all the content in the best way. The template framework come with many features such as powerful shortcodes for present content easily, drag-drop layout content, Bootstrap CSS & Hybrid framework. Especially, with the help of its unlimited color and a color picker in the admin panel, you can create an elegant presence for your site with various layouts.

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100% design in template support mobile/tablet devices, it means you have good layout and style in mobile/tablet devices instead for using default layout in desktop. So, your customer can easy to see your product and content in the phone or tablets.

With LayersWP embed framework in our template, you can easy to create content by drag-drop, it’s very simple without coding skills. By removing endless design options and features, Layers provides you with just enough choice to create a beautiful site while still maintaining the fundamentals of good design.

With services page of this online shop WordPress theme, you can list your services in details by using their unique page template. We offer this page to help customers easily buy your products for delivery through online ordering systems, product promotion or guarantee…
Portfolio page showcases gallery about famous watch brands of the shop for your customers. We offer luxurious designs in an eye-catching manner for portfolio page.
You can set your blog posts to display on it. Write about news and trends in watches industry, share your top best-selling brands on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google+… This is the best way to improve your customers relationship via blog.
Use this page to provide customers with your company’s address, telephone number or email address. So with this built-in web form, customers can easily get in touch with you. Request more information about your services and give their feedback on using them.
With brand page, you can showcase watch brands sold from your shop like Rolex, Mont Blanc, Citizen, Cartier, Tissot and more…
Clients buy some items from your shop and register customer to get account, and with account they can update news from your shop or watches brands… By process checkout, you will need to register account with us. After finish, you can login to My Account page to see details about your order.
The shop page is especially important to categorize kinds of different watches that are suitable for all cases such as casual, luxury or sport from your shop. All features in this page based on WooCommerce plugin.

1.0: Stable released.