Elfsight Social Share Buttons
Elfsight Social Share Buttons

Elfsight Social Share Buttons Version: 1.0

Author: elfsight | https://elfsight.com

Joomla 3.x Responsive Bootstrap

Social Share Buttons is a great tool to let your website visitors share your content in their social media accounts. So how does it work? When you configure a social share buttons app, you choose the social media where you’d like to share your website content. When your website visitors click a share button next to a post, the link to your post is published in their social account.This is a great tool for social media marketing, allowing you to target exactly the audience you need.Social media marketing is nowadays used in practically every business strategy, which makes social sharing a crucial factor of your success. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Social signals. Seeing what kind of content gets shared most often, you’ll be able to better tailor your website to the interest and needs of your target audience;
  • Increased brand publicity. Millions of people use social media each day, and having your content shared by your visitors improves the chances of new potential customers noticing the great things that you do. Increasing your brand publicity across the web and getting more social followers opens limitless opportunities for your business;
  • Increased interaction with your users. Giving your customers a great user experience is a complex process that requires, among other things, an opportunity to feel involved with your brand. Giving people an easy way to share your content will do just that;
  • Increased traffic. As more and more people share your fantastic content with their social media followers, you get more and more new visitors, who can also become paying customers.
With Elfsight Social Share Buttons extension for Joomla marketing made easy is combined with a simple installation and configuration, as we’ve used all of our expertise of developing social modules to create our amazing Social Share Buttons module.Key Features:
  • Sharing your content in virtually any social network – the app offers you a choice of 50+ predefined social media buttons;
  • Sharing your content in as many social networks as you need – the app allows you to display as many buttons as you choose;
  • Controlling the buttons’ visibility – you can choose between fixed or floating buttons;
  • Installing the widget in the way that works best for you – you can position the buttons at any part of the page you like;
  • Several ways of displaying the network name – you get to decide how to display the social network name – with symbol, text or a combination of both;
  • 4 predefined icon styles to choose from;
  • 4 combinable color options for the buttons;
  • 3 icon shapes;
  • 5 icon animations;
  • Customizable transparency;
  • Code generator – all you need to do to install, is configure the widget, get the code and add it to your website.
  • Live updates
The Joomla Social Share Buttons extension is provided by Elfsight AppsElfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that features apps to boost your website's functionality with the user-friendly UI and no-coding skill required.This app is a bridge between your Joomla site and Elfsight Apps Service, connecting the two together. It takes the widget you've configured at Elfsight Apps and displays it right on your website.
If you don't have an Elfsight Apps account, you can sign up for free and it only takes you about a minute.
This Joomla Social Share Buttons extension is unbelievably easy to install. After downloading the extension zip, you need to install it on your website, create and configure a widget and copy-paste its code into any page or your website's template.Free installation serviceInstallation, configuration, trouble-shooting – we’ll be happy to do all this for you. Just address your request to apps@elfsight.com and our Support Team will be happy to help!

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