Minitek FAQ Book discussion

A Joomla component for creating contact forms, Q&A lists, knowledge base sections and discussion forums.

Versatile & Powerful

Create contact forms with custom fields, Q&A lists, knowledge base sections and discussion forums.

Moderation Tools

Assign moderators per topic and enable front-end tools for effortless moderation of questions and answers.

Public & Private Questions

Allow public and/or private questions on a per-topic basis and authorize specific user groups to see private questions.


Moderators and end users can add attachments when creating or editing questions and answers.

ACL Rules

Manage user group permissions for various actions on a global or per-topic basis.

Email Notifications

Send email notifications to moderators and authors for new questions and answers.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to collect additional information from users when they submit new questions.

Smart Search

Smart search plugins allow you to index questions and topics for fast and intelligent searching.

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Additional Info

  • Name Provider: Minitek
  • Website Provider:
  • Type of Distribution: Free
  • System: Joomla 3.x
  • Version extension:
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