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Quantum Manager - Joomla media manager

Written by NorrNext Friday, 16 July 2021 1140

Quantum Manager

Revolutionary File & Media Manager for Joomla!

Do you want to optimize your time on preparing the content? This file manager gives you an ability to upload and insert images without any pain: you can resize and crop images, rename them and upload files over existing ones without a problem. All that you needed to make your work with files more effective have already designed in Quantum Manager.

Quantum Manager is a free file and media manager allowing to upload and insert and resize images in WYSIWYG editor. It's possible to override image buttons of the core media manager and make your work with the content much more comfortable.

Quantum has in-built integration with Unsplash - a popular photobank that offers free photos. Now you can get high-quality images in seconds directly inside of your site!

Quantum Manager comes with additional plugins:

  •  Quantum Manager Media Plugin - this plugin overrides com_media include, so when a user goes to core Joomla Media manager, they are being redirected to Quantum Manager.
  •  Quick icon - Quick icon Quantum Manager for Joomla!
This extension saves your time on managing files and media content inside the Joomla. Feel free to how it's cool to work with images inside the WYSIWYG editor using modern approach!

Key features:

  •  Easy file uploading
  •  Change image format (jpg, png, webp)
  •  Add postfix to filenames
  •  Default localization: English and Russian
  •  Integration with cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Ya.Disc) - planned
  •  Keep the original images
  •  Automatical image resizing
  •  Image cropping (based on Cropper.js)
  • Simple text editing via CodeMirror with file tree that helps to quickly navigate to another files - planned
  •  Search and download photos from photo stocks
  •  Add watermark
  •  Joomla ACL implementation (permissions)
  •  Nice GUI
  •  Simple Audio player to play files inside the file manager - planned

- User Group Permissions
- Context Menu (mouse right button click on a file/folder)

What's new:
- Thumbnails generation for selected images - AUTO and MANUAL
Copy/move files
- Uploading archives (.zip, .rar and etc)
- Integration with Yootheme Pro and SP Page Builder
- Display empty folders

Additional Info

  • Name Provider: NorrNext
  • Website Provider:
  • Type of Distribution: Free
  • System: Joomla 3.x
  • Version extension: 1.7.3
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