October 26, 2020
Keep writing your articles without worrying about the layout Build a modern blog with this free template for Joomla, with features that make it great for casual bloggers or professional news-portal writers. In this blog template your posts can take the stage, with featured posts providing the main body of the main page. How many are displayed is up to you, but your featured news can still get its time in the limelight long after posting thanks to the power of our NSP extension, that creates large, eye-catching tiles with images and text to link to your latest and greatest writings. Sidebar-based navigation allows your visitors to get around with ease, and the responsive layout means users of all screen sizes will still get a satisfying site-experience. Highlight the most crucial aspects from your website Extensive sidebar modules show off your popular, new or featured items in tabs, and each modules look can be configured to display text, images or article previews with just a few clicks. The power is in your hands! Modern blogging needs social integration, and the slick animated social icons included here, combined with like, share and tweet buttons on you post pages, will aid your musings to become viral hits. To simplify the content-creation process, we’ve included K2 support, and color-switchers add an extra layer of individuality, or for the great value price of nothing!

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  • Version extension: 1.0

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