September 23, 2020

Hot Bokeh is free responsive Joomla template that has variable width and shows content in full screen space on both smallest and largest screen resolutions. Many visitors of our website asked us about free versions of our premium Joomla templates. Hot Bokeh is the first template by HotThemes which comes in 2 versions: free and premium version. The free version is available for free download (no registration needed). Hot Bokeh Free is licensed under GNu/GPL license (as all our other products) and can be used, according to this license, on unlimited number of domains. Hot Bokeh Free is responsive Joomla template, which means it looks good on all screen sizes. This is our solution for a very complex web design problem of making a site which looks good on both gigantic and the smallest screen resolutions. This template, as all other newer templates by HotThemes, is based on the latest version of Sparky Framework - the framework that won't make you feel framed! This nicely designed responsive template, powered by CSS3 functions and animations is one more reason to try development with Sparky. Free version of Hot Bokeh template has these features:

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