Friday, 09 June 2023

ElastiStack Images module for Joomla

Written by eco-joom Monday, 21 March 2022 950

ElastiStack Images is a little script that let's you navigate through a stack of items by dragging away the first one. It comes with an elastic touch meaning that when dragging the top-most item, the other ones will follow as if they were connected elastically. When reaching a certain distance, the dragged item will release itself and the next item will pop out.


  • Alt img
  • link to go
  • Setting the width and height of the image
  • Any HTML-code without filtering tags
  • Automatic generation of ID
  • Browser support: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9+

Additional Info

  • Type of Distribution: Free
  • System: Joomla 4.x
  • Version extension: 1.0
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