May 29, 2020
This Joomla 3 template is created for real estate classifieds site that specialize in selling or renting property including lands and buildings. The demo site of this template presents ads listings from US but this is the example only - you can create classifieds site with items from all over the World by creating any scenario you need for example (continent-country-city) or choosing "Use my location" option. Take a closer look at ads submitters, we've created 2 groups "added by owner" and "added by agent". DJ-MediaTools is compatibile with DJ-Classifieds and allows to display items from the Joomla classifieds component. With the gallery extension you will be able to create many sliders views, check few examples of front page (link available under Home) and other ones visible here. DJ-Classifieds & DJ-MediaTools & DJ-MegaMenu are included for FREE!

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