October 24, 2020
JM Animals is a great template for all animal lovers and business owners.If you are a pet lover, then it’s the right time for you to start a business in this field.If you are looking to build a website of animal shelters or pet caretakers, then you’ve hit the right spot!Take a look at two versions of home page - see that you can easily adapt this template to your purpose.The first option was designed to help a breeder to present information about his company showing attractvie galleries of puppies and show contact details with Google Map.As you can see on the second one home page's version, your shelter site can benefit from attractive and eye catching, animated modules which can be linked to any Joomla blog articles. The section for some statistics and gallery of shelter supporters was also added.This animals Joomla template suits well for non profit or charity Joomla sites too! There are some custom HTML modules for donation systems available!

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