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SP Page Builder Pro 3.7.1 Brings Addon Improvements and Fixes By Rayhan Arif Updates 20 March 2020 Hits: 4617

Written by Monday, 06 April 2020 1474

Hello SP Page Builder users! How are you today? Life should go on no matter the difficulties we have around us. We understand that you might be on lockdown just like we are. JoomShaper team members already have started working from home. But you can’t just bore yourself just by sitting somewhere at home idly. You have to find something interesting to cool off. Hopefully you have everything under control in such an unwanted crisis. We are happy to let you know, today we have brought an update to your favorite SP Page Builder Pro. 

We’ve made some changes to several addons. I am sure you will love these changes and this update (v3.7.1) is going to turn you o

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