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Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 1

Written by Friday, 18 June 2021 1055

Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 1 Brings Full-Width Blog Layout, Latest Bootstrap Support, Several Fixes, and Improvements

Hello Helix Ultimate users! We are inching closer to our Helix Ultimate 2.0 final release. In that path, we are releasing Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 1 today. You already know that the new version 2.0 is a major shift from the previous Helix Ultimate. It is going to change the way you ever know about template frameworks in Joomla.

Today’s (June 17th) RC 1 version is an experimental release and not ready for production sites. We wholeheartedly appreciate your interest in Helix Ultimate 2.0. You are invited to try this version, but DO Not use it on a production site.

We will be fixing issues you face and make necessary improvements before we finally release the Helix Ultimate 2.0. Do try this RC 1 and let us know any issues you face.

You can have a look at what came in our previous beta version here.

We have got tremendous responses from our users. Some of you have reported issues that you experienced and we are fixing them in different releases. Now, let’s have a look at what changes we are bringing to the new Helix Ultimate RC 1 in the changelog below.

Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 1 Changelog:

  • New: Full-width blog layout option in the blog settings
  • New: Element invisible class added
  • Update: Bootstrap updated to the latest v5.0.1
  • Fix: Contact form overwrite compatibility issue in Joomla 3 and Joomla 4
  • Fix: Form validation issue fixed in Joomla 3 and Joomla 4
  • Fix: Popup issue in Privacy & Terms modal
  • Fix: Blog details overwrite issue in Joomla 4
  • Fix: Search (Finder) overwrite issue
  • Fix: Table field issue Joomla 4
  • Fix: Image link issue in the menu item
  • Fix: Overwrite issue in Joomla 4 tags
  • Fix: Featured article overwrite issue in Joomla 4
  • Fix: Countdown timer responsive issue in Coming Soon page
  • Fix: Several CSS issues in the blog

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