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Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 2: One Step Closer to Stable Release

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Hello Helix Ultimate users! We are a big step closer to our Helix Ultimate 2.0 stable release. Today, we are releasing Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 2 with a couple of new options, several fixes, and improvements. Our developers are working tirelessly to bring you the stable version ASAP. You just have to wait a bit more for this remarkable moment. 

Today’s (July 16th) RC 2 version is an experimental release and not ready for production sites. We wholeheartedly appreciate your interest in Helix Ultimate 2.0. You are invited to try this version, but DO Not use it on a production site.

Before you go through Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 2, you can have a look at what came in our previous version here.

What’s in Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 2

You already know the new Helix Ultimate 2.0 is packed with plenty of new features and functionalities. We have introduced many of these features in our previous updates. This Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 2 will bring a couple of new options and fix several issues you might have experienced. 

Let’s take a look at the changelog to know what’s coming in this RC 2.

Helix Ultimate 2.0 RC 2 Changelog:

  • New: Sticky header offset option added
  • Fix: Multilingual template update issue
  • Fix: LoadTemplateData method's issue
  • Fix: Menu assign issue in template settings
  • Fix: Joomla 4 print popup issue
  • Fix: Custom logo URL issue
  • Fix: Layout builder grid option issue
  • Fix: Mega-menu full container issue
  • Fix: Missing language text

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