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SP Page Builder v3.7.15 Is Here With Several Improvements and Fixes

Written by Monday, 20 September 2021 986

ello SP Page Builder Users! Your favorite site builder tool SP Page Builder is updated to offer enhanced performance and fix some known errors. Today, we are releasing SP Page Builder v3.7.15 to fix some of the issues our users have reported recently. Please update SP Page Builder to its latest version to enjoy the enhancement and fixes.

What’s in SP Page Builder v3.7.15?

SP Page Builder v3.7.15 mainly brings fixes to some known errors. You already know that SP Page Builder has got PHP 8 support recently. We have come to know that some of our users are facing issues with saving modules while using SP Page Builder on PHP 8. The latest version brings a fix to this issue. Apart from that, we also brought fixes to the redirection plugin and video addon issue.

Please check the full changelog to know what changes the latest SP Page Builder v3.7.15 will bring for you. 

SP Page Builder v3.7.15 Changelog

  • Fix: Redirection plugin issue
  • Fix: Module saving not working issue for PHP 8
  • Fix: Video addon issue

Additional Info

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