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How to Change Joomla Database Prefix to Improve Security in Joomla 4?

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Almost every day we hear or read about how a new hacker is attacking reputable websites by infecting them with their malicious code.

Now, think about the sites which are already vulnerable and are on the verge of risk!

Yes, we are talking about the default Joomla database prefix, which surely, every hacker in this world would know about and is a very serious matter regarding Joomla security.

But don’t worry. By using your own prefixes, you can keep yourself protected from such attacks.

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how you can change the Joomla Database Prefix to Improve Security in Joomla 4.

This will take a while. So sit tight and start reading it.

Please note that changing the prefix includes a little bit of downtime and your site (backend or frontend) won’t be accessible until you change the prefix on both ends (Joomla (via backend of FTP) and the Database).

What is the Joomla Database Prefix?

Joomla uses a naming scheme to communicate with a database that stores all the data of the site. The naming scheme is what we call a “database prefix” is a string (a set of few characters) that is placed at the beginning of all database tables.

Using a database prefix helps you in the following ways:

  • You can run multiple installations of Joomla using a single database with a different prefix name.
  • By using your own prefixes, you can improve website security.

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