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SP Page Builder v3.8.3: More Stable With Multiple Fixes and Improvements

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Good day all SP Page Builder users! We understand how important it is for you to present the best possible site to your audience. That’s we regularly update our products to keep them bug-free and deliver a top-notch experience. And today is another such day!

Your favorite page-building tool (both Pro and Lite) is updated as of today with multiple fixes to deliver an even better experience. The new update rollout enhances the overall performance and is bound to make the page-building experience in Joomla more pleasant.

Let’s see what today’s update has in the package.  

SP Page Builder v3.8.3 Changelog: 

  • Update: Dropped old jQuery file
  • Fix: In Opt-in Form addon, SendGrid is not functioning issue
  • Fix: 404 page not working when .htaccess was enabled in Joomla 4
  • Fix: Content font family not functioning in both J3 and J4 in the Carousel addon (for Lite version)
  • Fix: Feature box addons icon padding is not responsive 
  • Fix: Slideshow addons volume button doesn’t function
  • Fix: Custom Marker On Openstreetmap addon Moves Position When Zooming Out Map 
  • Fix: Slideshow addons volume button doesn’t function and YouTube video playing issue for multiple slideshow addons.

Numerous Fixes and Optimizations 

With this update, you’ll notice several improvements like custom markers not changing their position when zooming out on Openstreetmap, 404 pages working properly when .htaccess is enabled in Joomla 4, responsive icon padding in feature box add-ons, and many more. 

We have also dropped the old jQuery file in today’s update. So please check if you still have this file: /components/com_sppagebuilder/assets/js/jquery.min.js  - if yes, you can delete it safely via FTP tool or other File Manager.

Please go through the changelog again to see if the issues you’ve been facing have been resolved.  Don’t let these bugs bite you again! It’s time to update your SP Page Builder to enjoy the latest fixes. Let us know in the comments if you have any queries regarding the update. We are all ears! 

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