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What will Joomla 4.2 bring in August 2022?

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As we celebrate the launch of Joomla 4.1.0 and enjoy the new features and functionality that it has brought to Joomla there are a few who have been working away on the next iteration of this rejuvenated CMS.

Franciska Perisa and Roland Dalmulder are the release leads for the Joomla 4.2 series.

They have been working hard to get up to speed with how to do a Joomla release. Over the last few months, they have shadowed Benjamin and Tobias through the process and joined on release days at the moment the big red launch button is pushed.

Now that Joomla 4.1.0, with all its great new features, has made its way into the world, it is time to start looking at Joomla 4.2.0 and what that could bring us.

The first list of potential features

In the past few months, Franciska and Roland have been going through the issue tracker, discussion list and GSoC projects to see what looks interesting and could be ready to include in Joomla 4.2.0. 

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