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Helix Ultimate 2.0.8 Got a Performance Boost With Multiple Fixes & Improvements

Written by Thursday, 28 April 2022 672

Howdy, Helix Ultimate users! One of the best ways you guys show support to us is by submitting bug reports and helping us do better. In our tremendous effort to make Helix Ultimate more stable and perfect, we always take every issue supported by our users seriously. 

And today, we're here with another such update that brings enhancements to existing features and fixes to known bugs.

Stay tuned to find out what this update has in store. 

Helix Ultimate v2.0.8 changelog: 

  • Update: Updated to Google Analytics 4
  • Fix: behavior.modal in user form issue
  • Fix: All checkboxes are disabled when one checkbox is set to disable issue 
  • Fix: J4 Full Image path issue
  • Fix: Gallery Carousel auto slide issue 
  • Fix: J3 Alert box close button issue 
  • Fix: Menu Dropdown toggle issue 
  • Fix: Article Details page division by 0 issue 
  • Fix: Edit Color Presets issue 

Enjoy a Strong Analytics Experience With Google Analytics 4

With today’s update, Helix Ultimate has updated Google Analytics to v4. Google Analytics v4 is built to keep up with a changing ecosystem, providing you the utmost flexibility to measure many different kinds of data. 

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