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SP Page Builder 4.0.2 Updated With Various Improvements Along With New Features

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Hola, Joomlers! Curtains have already been lifted on your much-awaited SP Page Builder 4 and here we are, knocking at your door, with a brand new update! That’s right, we are rolling out this update this week to ensure you a better and more stable journey with your favorite drag and drop tool!

This update is about two newly added features and a few improvements over the existing ones to enable you to build your dream site smoothly. ​​For a better understanding of this update in SP Page Builder 4, check out the full changelog below.

SP Page Builder v4.0.2 Changelog:

  • New: Added the Show Tags option to enable/disable tags in the Articles addon
  • New: Added inline alignment toggle option
  • Update: Added Attachment upload option inside the SP Page Builder Buttons
  • Fix: Addons were not disabled in the editor responsive preview
  • Fix: Ripple effect was missing in the Modal addon
  • Fix: Articles addon Article Category could not be selected by default
  • Fix: Nested row duplication and deletion issue
  • Fix: SVG and WebP image thumb-related issue
  • Fix: Testimonial addon alignment and PHP notice issue in preview
  • Fix: A tag ending was missing in the Image addon
  • Fix: Form Builder addon button padding style only applied when size was set to custom
  • Fix: Addon interaction timeline Context Menu click was not working
  • Fix: Text Block addon’s content typography changed with title typography in preview
  • Fix: Child addon drag issue in deeply nested addons when you open the deeply nested addon settings
  • Fix: Failed to create or edit SPPB page when Multilingual plugin was enabled

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