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Barbershops and other types of hair and grooming salons for men (and women), Brber is a web design to investigate further. If you lack a solid online presence or you are just starting out, help yourself with a predefined tool and enjoy a superb outcome sooner rather than later. You might find Brber suiting your needs perfectly as is and if that’s the case, only a few branding tweaks are necessary to start moving in the right direction.

Brber is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and lightweight. In short, the performance with Brber is always on point, guaranteeing happy visitors and potential clients. Showcase pricing, put on display testimonials, start a blog, create a gallery, you name it, with Brber a lot is possible. Keep in mind, it is an HTML template that does require coding knowledge to turn it into a functional and impactful website.

Additional Info

  • Type of Distribution: Free
  • System: Joomla 3.x
  • Version extension: 1.0

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