JA Simpli: The Ultimate Free Joomla Template for All Your Needs



If you're looking for a Joomla template that offers both flexibility and ease of use, then JA Simpli is the perfect choice for you. Developed with the Joomla default templates in mind, it fills in the gaps where the standard templates fall short.

Why Choose JA Simpli?

  1. Well-Structured Design: The structure of JA Simpli is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it ideal for any type of Joomla project.

  2. Lightweight: No need to worry about your site's speed. JA Simpli is lightweight and designed for quick load times.

  3. No Framework: Unlike many other templates that rely on cumbersome frameworks, JA Simpli employs the default Joomla Bootstrap version.

  4. Clean Code: With its clean, well-organized code, this template is easy to customize and maintain.

  5. Powerful Theme Customizer: Customize your site in real-time with JA Simpli's built-in theme customizer.

  6. Flexible Layout Manager: Adapt the template layout easily for any purpose, be it a personal blog or a professional business portfolio.

  7. Enhanced Compatibility: JA Simpli boasts excellent compatibility with 3rd party extensions, giving you more freedom to add features.

Four Premade Home Variants

JA Simpli comes with four premade Home variants, allowing you greater flexibility and choice in how you want to present your website.


With its well-structured design, lightweight build, and a plethora of features, JA Simpli is the perfect starter Joomla template. Whether you are working on a simple personal blog or a complex business portfolio, JA Simpli has something to offer for everyone.