JA Stark: The Free Joomla Template Revolutionizing Business Websites



When it comes to business websites, finding the right template can make or break your online presence. Enter JA Stark, a free Joomla template that is setting new standards in website design for businesses, companies, and creative agencies alike.

Key Features

  • Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 Support: Whether you are on the older Joomla 3 or the latest Joomla 4, JA Stark has got you covered.
  • Powerful Layout Builder: Customizing your website has never been easier with JA Stark's robust layout builder.
  • Friendly Admin Panel: Manage your website effortlessly with the user-friendly admin panel.
  • Advanced Theme Customization: Personalize your website to the smallest detail with advanced theme customization tools.
  • New Megamenu Builder: Create stunning menus that capture your visitors' attention.
  • Custom CSS and SCSS Tool: Tailor your website's look with custom CSS and SCSS capabilities.
  • Bootstrap 4 Integration: Leverage the latest in web design with Bootstrap 4 integration.

Why JA Stark?

JA Stark is not just another free Joomla template. It is built on the all-new T4 Joomla template framework, offering a plethora of built-in features that make it a standout choice for any business or agency.


With its versatile features and easy-to-use interface, JA Stark is a free Joomla template that provides a solid foundation for any business website. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your online presence to the next level.